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 Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips®


In stock for only $39.99 + tax.

Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL

If you're a pet owner, you may want to know about toe grips for dogs. These rubber sleeves fit snugly over your dog's nails, giving them better grip and stability on hardwood floors. Have you ever given them a try? I know how crucial it is to prioritize your pup's safety and comfort, and toe grips could be a valuable consideration.

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Are ToeGrips right for your dog?

Intro from founder Dr. Julie Buzby talking about what dogs ToeGrips are ideal for, and why she started the company.

See how ToeGrips have helped improve the lives of these dogs!

Testimonials from real pet parents!

ToeGrips® Testimonials


Boots and socks were never an option


Hank (11-years-old): He’s able to walk confidently on our hardwood floors again, instead of hopping area rug “island” to “island”. Thanks for inventing a simple constant wear product to help our older best friends! Boots and socks were never an option for Hank because he gets hot, enjoys laying in the dirt/garden, and swimming in our pool.


ToeGrips have changed everything


“Penny, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel recently turned 14 and Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips was the best birthday gift we could give her. She had a very difficult time walking on or hardwood, granite, and marble floors and would constantly fall into a splay position. 


It broke our hearts. She would drink from her water bowl or eat her meals in a prone position since standing on these surfaces was so much effort. I tried socks and boots but she would manage to get them off.


Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips have changed everything. The first couple of days that she wore the Toe Grips, I noticed that when she did start to slip, she could actually catch herself, something I never saw her do before. 


Now that she has had them on for just a week she rarely even slips. I thought the situation was hopeless and am beyond thrilled to see my precious senior with such improved mobility.” 




Maggie has realized she can move more safely


Maggie, who is suffering from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, has lost all her muscles due to the high steroid doses required to try to contain this disease. Because we live in the southwest where all tile is typical, she’s had a horrendous time getting up, and even just getting around due to her feet slipping on the tile.


We tried doggie boots…too bulky. We tried “receiver’s gloves for kids”, finding them to be very “tacky” but not sticky. They were OK, but so thin that they rotated around her foot so the grippy side was UP. Tried rubber gloves…she ripped them off. So now, we’ve got these toe grips. She’s had them on for 36 hours now…and they have NOT come off. 


They’re well away from her fur line, and MOST of them are down where they touch the ground. When I can sit for a minute I’ll pull the ones that aren’t perfect OFF, re-soak, then reapply. They are on TIGHT! I’ve tried to move them and they will.not.budge!!!


Maggie has realized she can move more safely, and actually trotted across the living room to “fetch ball”. She can sit without her front feet just sliding away in front of her. And getting up from flat on her side? Wow…due to her weakness it still is a bit of a job, but not from slipping feet!


Love this product…wish we’d known about it ages ago.…Maggie continues to do well with those toes, and even with walking/trotting around in the barn areas in the sand, they have NOT come off. Matter of fact…I bet I can’t PULL them off!! LOVE them. Sending a photo of Maggie, who is a 6 year old Bearded Collie and weighs 60 pounds when she’s healthy!!


I now have to stop her from running too much


My pitbull mix recently had her front limb amputated due to osteosarcoma and was doing well but balked at going up and down my hardwood stairs at home. I had been using the balloon booties which were pretty labor intensive as they would constantly rip and she wasn’t thrilled about me putting them on her. 


Quite honestly no one really thought the toe grips would work because they didn’t make sense. But darned if she not only started going up and down the stairs w/o any assistance, she started running around the house and cornering around furniture on the hardwood floors. I now have to stop her from running too much to keep her from injury to her remaining front limb.

Thank you… 




I was skeptical...Boy, was I wrong


“I was skeptical that Dr. Buzby’s toe grips were just going to be another “snake oil” scam.” Boy, was I wrong. Emma is 14 and 1/2 years old and has muscular degeneration in her hind quarters along with arthritis. It never occurred to us when we moved into our dream home with solid surface floors that she would not be able to function without slipping and falling. 


She became the closet carpet dog and wouldn’t get up unless she had to go outside or to eat. Customer service corrected my bad measuring and sent the correct size, I trimmed Emma’s grinch hair feet and nails, put the toe grips in alcohol, slipped them on and she was literally up and running! Holy mackerel! 


For however much time we have left with our Emma, she will be wearing toe grips. Money well spent. Much thanks!!!!! The 7 second video you can see her backside slip and it takes longer to get up.  


~M. Pellegrino


Worth it to give my girl her quality of life again

My 12.5 year old greyhound rather suddenly stopped coming indoors, preferring to be outdoors all the time. She started to act lethargic, and refused to eat unless I placed her bowl right by her bed. After visiting the vet (no medical issues) I realized she was avoiding our tile floors. She was getting dehydrated because she wouldn’t walk over to the water bowl. 


Why? Her back legs were losing strength, and she had slipped painfully a few times, leaving her wary of any slippery floor. Our whole house is tile. I searched for dog booties and stumbled across the toe grips. After reading reviews, I decided to give them a try. 


Within 24 hours of putting them on, Abby started walked tentatively on the tile. Within two days, she was over her fears and acting years younger. Now she runs in and out through her dog door, easily walks to her food and water, and is her old self again. I could not be more relieved and grateful. I replace them every month, as they begin to come off after 3-4 weeks. It’s worth it to give my girl her quality of life again.


It’s a “hip”-saver for sure!

I have an 85 pound, 1 ½ yo English Cream Retriever who was constantly slipping and sliding on our floors. After a few scary slips down the stairs, he wouldn’t go up or down them anymore. It was so sad to hear him fall. I didn’t want to do stair treads as that fix wouldn’t address his slipping in the rest of the house. 


I was looking for a whole-house solution. THIS IS IT! I was a bit skeptical not understanding how grips on his nails would fix anything but I bought them. Wow!! What a difference it made from the get go. We put them on his back legs first, just to see if it was even worth it. 


I so wish we had video to show the immediate difference but alas, because of my skepticism I didn’t get any. Once all the toe grips were on, it was a whole new world. It took him a day or two to figure out he could go up and down the steps but now he does it without hesitation. So grateful for something like this on the market, it’s a “hip”-saver for sure! 


~Kathy C

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