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July 2023 Practice Update

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Hi family! I hope you had a wonderful July! It's been hot out (obviously) so I have been spending most of my time indoors. I've been busy working on finishing the website. It's almost there, hooray!

I've updated the Schedule Appointment section including a booking calendar where you will be able to choose your own appointment date and time. I don't have any availability yet, but will soon! If you are interested in subscribing by email to receive updates, I have added a handy subscription box at the bottom of the webpage in the footer area. I am working on new pet intake forms and consent forms that will be required for you to complete after scheduling an appointment.

This month, I've completed training to become Elite Fear Free certified. I hope to use what I have learned to help make veterinary appointments less stressful for you and your pets.

The following animal health topics have been added to the News & Updates section:

  • Ear Hematomas in Cats

  • 11 Abnormal Nervous System Signs in Cats

  • Pets & Wild Predators: Safety First!

  • Aspirin For Dogs With Arthritis: Is It Safe?

  • Dog Vaccination Schedule

  • Cat Vaccination Schedule

  • How Much Exercise Does a Cat Need?

That's it for now. July has been a busy month and I expect August to be even busier! Stay tuned!

Best wishes and kind regards,

Dr. Stacie

(Dr. Stacie) on my cousin's pony in the 1900s. 😉

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