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Introducing Family Pets Home Veterinary Care

Care in the Comforts of Home

Perhaps your pet doesn't do well during car rides or visiting strange places. Maybe you are unable to leave your home or lack transportation. We get it. That's why we come to you! Family Pets Home Veterinary Care provides your favorite companion with caring and professional treatment in the comfort of your home. Schedule with us today.

Appointments Available

Mobile Veterinarian in Kingman, AZ
Image by Jeremy Bishop
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Our Services

Offering limited in-home care for your furry family members.

Please note: We are not an emergency service and are not treating sick or injured pets at this time. 

We offer affordable payment plans through CareCredit and Scratch Pay.

Apply today! 


We gladly accept eGift cards as payment. Using an eGift card provides a convenient way to contribute towards your pet's health and well-being. 

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Shop for your pet's medications, food, treats, toys, and more at our online pharmacy.


Family Snapshots

Spreading the joy and love that pets bring into our lives!

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